How will you help someone trying to change their life?

At Degrees for our Youth, transparency is more than just a buzz word.


At least 95% of total donations will go directly as scholarships to students

At Degrees for our Youth, our commitment is to minimize admin fees and direct funding towards scholarships. However, some expenses are unavoidable – these include website upkeep, filing taxes, incorporation etc. Our promise to you is that we will never let these expenses be more than 5% of the total funds we have collected and to keep our donors informed on the details of these expenses. 

Accountability through transparency

Every school we partner with and scholarships given is available to the public, giving donors the visibility to track funds collected and scholarships given.

Direct donor engagement

At Degrees for our Youth, you are not just a donor – you are our partner. Work with us to set up a Degrees for our Youth award in a school of your choice and we will help you fundraise. 

Ability to give direct feedback (Coming Soon!)

You have the ability to tell us how to improve our giving! Simply add a comment in our donor page and at the end of the quarter we use AI to detect common themes and address them.

Live dashboard on total $ donated (Coming Soon!)

You have live visibility into total funds we have raised and how many scholarships that will fund.


Create a Degrees for our Youth award in your community

Raise $5,000 and set up an award in your school! We will help you set up the campaign and you can share it with your alma mater, friends, and family. Donors can directly fund your campaign on our website and we will reach out to partner with your school of choice.

Interested in setting up an award in a school? Contact us at with the subject line: Interested in creating an Award.

Get your donation matched by your employer

Many employers run programs to match employee donations. 

Need help to enrol Degrees for our Youth in your employer’s giving program? Contact us at with the subject line: Assistance with employer giving program. 

Become a mentor

Along with the Degrees for our Youth award, we also pair students with mentors who can help and guide them, especially in their first year of university.

Interested in being a mentor? Contact us at with the subject line: Interested in Mentoring.


We’re always welcoming volunteers to help spread the word about how Degrees for our Youth is trying to help students across Ontario.

Interested in Volunteering? Contact us at with the subject line: Interested in Volunteering.


Financial reports are published twice a year, with the next one coming out in January 2023. To stay up to date on our progress, we encourage you to follow us on social media!